• How Can I join to KarmaLoops?

    You need to be sponsored by someone who is already a member of KarmaLoops. Please contact your sponsor and register through his affiliate URL. If you do not have a sponsor, please feel free to contact us. Once you make the payment and register, we will process your payment and send a follow-up email with your Member ID, Password and instructions on how to access the member's area. There may be up to a 24-hour delay to confirm payment but in most cases, you will receive confirmation within 1-2 hours. 
  • What are products and service KarmaLoops offer?

    KarmaLopps offer an Awesome Products Designed to Save you Money and Make you Money all while Building Your Business! A KarmaLoops offers two options membership plans. 1 OneTime Fee (USD) $ 50 Full membership package, which includes KarmaLoops T-Shirt and Affiliate Marketing Money-making machine system (2x2 Matrix )follow me . 2 Only and an Affiliate Marketing 2x2 Matrix follow me one time $25
  • How does KL work?

    We offer an Awesome Products Designed to Save you Money and Make you Money all while Building Your Business. You can join one of two KarmaLoops membership package available > OneTime Fee $ 50 Full membership package, which includes KarmaLoops T-Shirt and Affiliate Marketing Money-Making Machine System or only One Time payment $25 Affiliate Marketing Money Marking Machine 2x2 Matrix follow me ( no include KL t-shirt). KL applies as a sales strategy the affiliate marketing method to sell our KarmaLoops T-Shirts as a product. With this affiliate marketing site, both the KL company and the affiliates earn a commission for marketing the products of another person or company. KarmaLoops have a software system 2×2 forced Matrix was designed to help his member generate money. It’s like a money machine, both for the company and the affiliate. You will become financial freedom in very less time, this plan guarantees great payouts and earnings 2 x2 means: 2 people, (1st level) look for two people (2nd level). You will be allocated a position in your sponsor's 2x2 Matrix in the next available spot. The forced matrix fills from left to right. YOUR SPONSOR YOU The 2 people in the 1st level will pay you all way 40% and 40% 2nd level. The Business plan has 8 phases. We colled Phase1, after completing the Matrix cycle, Phase1 member goes automatic to the next phase, and process follows according to the compensation plan. KarmaLoops will pay a commission every time that you reach phase 8.
  • The Compensation Plan (Consists of 8 Phases of PAYMENT )

    The Compensation plan consists of 8 Phases of PAYMENT. KarmaLoops system 2X2 Matrix has structured the cycle process in 8 phases (from Phase One ( 1 )to Phase Eight (8). With One-Time Payment $25. To the moment you have 2 people under your left and right and 2 people each under them, you complete your Matrix. Eg. 2 members on your first level (1, 2)+ 4 members on your second level (3,4,5,6) = 6 members in your matrix= 1 CYCLE = $60. One completed you are elevated to Phase 2 automatically. The six people (6) that follow you will be your team from Phase 1 will be automatically elevated to Phase 2, phase 3, phase4 .... to phase 8 earn $ 27,467 and the magic loop happens, will start again with the same team with zero investment. . 2×2 MATRIX $25 Phase 1 $25×40 % = 10 Level 1 = 2 Spots = 2 x $10 = $20 Level 2 = 4 Spots = 4 x $10 = $40 $10×6 = 60 Feed = $5
  • To qualify for commissions you must introduce a minimum of two members

    Fast-Start Bonus Fund: Earn $10 on every New Direct Referral When you have two members on your first level and four on your second level you will cycle. YOU First level 1 2 Second level 3 4 5 6 = $60 Cycle rewards will be paid into your e-wallet You will also be allocated another position on the MATRIX under your sponsor in the next STAGE. NO BOARD BREAKING, your team alway will remain with you.
  • Methods of payment ?

    Perfect Money, Paypal, and Bitcoin
  • How many days does it take to delivery KaramaLoops T-Shirt

    After KL confirms the payment, it will take 18 working days. Karma Loops t-shirt is custom.
  • How Can I Withdraw Funds?

    When you have reached phase 8 you can request withdrawal your commission any time, just log in to your Dashboard enter the amount you want and click on the withdrawal via Paypal or Bitcoin or DAI.
  • Can I Have More Than One Account?

    No .
  • KarmaLoops recommends ?

    Those members who have not bought at the time of joining, the full membership, we recommend that after reaching phase 8, before starting the new 8 phase cycle they accept to purchase it, that includes the KarmaLoops t-shirt and the participation on the system affiliation Marketing 2x2 Matrix that would be worth $ 50 which will be deducted automatically before pays the commission. Full commission $27 517 -50 = $27 467.
  • How many Membership Categories KarmaLoops offer?

    We offer two (2). One time Full Membership $50 includes a KarmaLoops t-shirt and affiliate membership/ or Affiliate membership $25 without t-shirt.
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